How to Keep Your Bedroom Cool in Summer

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How to Keep Your Bedroom Cool in Summer

Although summer may feel like a long way off, especially given the current weather at the moment, try and think back to last year when temperatures in July peaked at a sweltering 37.7 degrees.

Do you remember struggling to sleep at night?

And were you feeling guilty about complaining about the heat given that you spent most of the year moaning about the wet, cold weather?

It is probably all coming back to you now, so why not make the necessary plans for summer 2020 so that you don’t have to be racing to Argos to wrestle with another shopper over the last electric floor fan.

How Can I Beat the Heat this Summer?

It is safe to say that when the next heatwave arrives in the UK, you will be too hot to sleep, as well as tossing, turning and cursing the unpredictable British weather.

Window ventilation

Therefore, if you want to avoid this happening this summer, you need to find ways to make your bedroom feel less like a hot and sticky oven.

Starting with . . .

Replacing Old Windows

Now, this may seem a little drastic, but old and ineffective windows can not only leave you feeling cold in the winter, but if you leave them open in the summer to let in air, especially at night, then you leave yourself at risk of intruders.

However, if you choose to install new windows which have the ability to keep your home secure while allowing cool air in, you will be able to sleep safe and sound in the knowledge that your home is adequately protected.

Furthermore, double and triple glazed windows can help slow down the rate that heat is absorbed into the home through your windows, meaning they can help your home stay cooler in the day, ready for the long night ahead.

Choose the Right Bed Linen

If you want to know how to keep cool in a heatwave, then you should look at investing in new cotton sheets. You may love your satin or silk ones, but these will do you no favours when it is too hot to sleep.

Can't sleep too hot

Light coloured and lightweight linen is your best option as these have the ability to promote ventilation and increase airflow.

Of course, you should also sleep in cotton pyjamas, rather than fleecy or woollen ones, as these will keep your skin cooler.

Keep Your Curtain or Blinds Closed in the Day

As well as ensuring that your windows are working efficiently, it can also help to keep your room cooler at night if you block out the sun’s rays during the daytime.

Therefore, you should ideally close your curtains and/or your blinds during the day, although you can leave your windows open to help increase air flow into your bedroom.

Place a Fan Across From Your Window

If you want to effectively utilise the cool air that is coming in through your windows, it can be a good idea to place a fan across from your window, creating a sort of cross-breeze that will significantly help to cool you down and help you drift off to sleep more easily.

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