The best indoor home projects during winter

Log Burner

The best indoor home projects during winter

While the sunnier months can provide motivation to carry out spring cleans and improve your garden, it doesn’t necessarily mean the colder months are completely void of home inspiration. The autumn and winter are the best times to add some warmth and cosiness to your home, and home projects are the best way to carry this out.

Whether you’re partial to a spiced candle, or want to create the log-cabin aesthetic of dreams, here are a few home improvement projects to consider before the nights get longer and darker.

A fresh coat of brighter paint

Bright Paint

When you get home from work, the house may well be in complete darkness. During the colder months, we can no longer rely on the sunshine to fill our houses with a bright light that bounces around the home. The best way to achieve this effect in winter is to add a fresh coat of brighter, newer paint. Do be wary, however, of ventilating your home, as you’ll be less inclined to leave windows and doors open for long periods of time in cold weather.

Instead, buy eco-friendly varieties, or paint brands that advertise as giving off fewer fumes.

Freshen up the bathroom

Bathroom cleaning

You don’t want your bathroom to emanate the dank, glumness of the winter weather. Instead, you want to feel fresh and clean, and for it to be a relaxing sphere for you to enjoy a comforting hot bath on a cold day. Scrubbing the grouting, giving all the appliances a bleach and deep-cleaning will leave your bathroom feeling much more inviting when the weather is crisp and biting outside.


Let’s face it: the winter months were never meant for that clean, open, minimalist aesthetic. When it comes to DIY and winter projects, up-cycling is just about as satisfying as it gets. Painting and re-varnishing old bits of wooden furniture will not only make them feel like new but also help to add to the rustic feel.

Before you start, just make sure you give each piece of furniture a good wipe-down with soap and water, just to prevent any dust and dirt from clogging up the paint.

Use your chimney

Log Burner

If you have an old chimney that’s constantly being left unused every wintertime, why not finally put it to good use?  When it comes to winter home improvement, sometimes some expert help can really add the finishing touches. In order to use your fireplace in the wintertime, you will need to ensure it’s safe. Hiring a chimney sweep to clear it out for you ensures that it can be used without causing any internal fires. Once it’s clean and ready to go, you might want to add the finishing touches of a log basket, and maybe even some brass fireplace instruments.

Winter is the best time to celebrate the warmth and cosiness of your home. While you won’t be able to use the garden for large-scale DIY projects as you did in the summer, it’s still a great opportunity to refurbish and improve your home.

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